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Expiring Memberships (subscriptions) now available in WrestlingIQ

Expiring memberships are a great way to offer a discounted trial period or contract length subscriptions to your team. Here is how it works:

Create your expiring membership options

Example of setting up a discounted trial month

You have full control over how many billing cycles the subscription should remain active.

Customer subscribes to a membership

Example of what your customers would see signing up for the previously created trial month.
If you offer multiple tiers within your memberships, customers get to pick their option, with clear expiration dates presented.

WrestlingIQ makes it clear to your customers what they are purchasing and that it will automatically be withdrawn, either until cancelled or the set number of billing cycles pass.

After the set number of billing cycles, the subscription is automatically expired

Example email that a customer receives when their membership expires, with a link to go to your registration page to sign up again.

Your customers will receive an email and so will you as the coach. At this point, they will no longer be charged and will need to sign up for a new plan to continue being part of the club.


If you already have a WrestlingIQ account, here is detailed documentation on how to set this new feature up. You might also consider looking into the new roster sync feature so that WrestlingIQ can automatically create a roster of the currently paid memberships in the club.

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