How to record temperature checks for your wrestling team’s practices

While we are starting to see some light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, wrestling will return gradually and with protocols in place to protect the safety of our athletes.

It’s likely that we will be doing things like temperature checks and self reported “Do you have flu like symptoms” for the foreseeable future.

WrestlingIQ now offers you the ability to configure custom questions alongside attendance check-ins, so you can record any information needed when your wrestlers step on the mat.

Screenshot of the custom question builder
Use the question builder to setup your team with medical screening questions, or any other information you need to collect at check in time.
Screenshot of collecting medical info
Questions are filled out as soon as a wrestler is marked as present.


Online donations for wrestling teams

Nonprofit wrestling teams and organizations across the country rely on creative fundraising, session/camp revenue, and donations to continue to make a positive impact on our young wrestlers.

Most tools that help you collect donations online are expensive, have monthly fees, or are difficult to use. WrestlingIQ now comes with a free landing page for your nonprofit team or organization to collect donations online.

Two design options are available and both support recurring and one-time donors.

Design Option #1
Suggested tiers with the ability to enter any other amount
Design Option #2
Free form donation entry

This new landing page can be posted on social media, link to from your existing website, or if you have a website hosted with WrestlingIQ I am happy to work with you to setup a donation page right on your team’s website.

There are no additional charges associated with this feature. The Stripe fee for processing credit cards still applies, but WrestlingIQ does not charge anything for the service, as long as you have an active WrestlingIQ subscription.

Please email to get setup with your donation landing page. Additional information on how it works can be found here.

Club Teams New Features

Use WrestlingIQ for camps or any other event your team needs

As of today, WrestlingIQ has built in support for one time sessions (such as camps) in addition to the full season registration you’ve had for a while.

Generic event registration is also now possible for events related to your team that doesn’t involve athlete registration, such as your next fundraising event.

You can read all about the differences between event types here.

With one time registration, parents who register are not given access to your team’s WrestlingIQ account but are still required to fill out all of your customized registration questions, sign your documents, and pay.

‘Other’ events only require an email, first name, and last name to sign up. Use it to open up registration for events open to the community.
The second step in ‘Other’ event registration. All existing WrestlingIQ functionality, such as scholarship codes and installment plans still work with this event type.
Club Teams New Features Release Notes

Customizable, online registration forms for your wrestling team

WrestlingIQ has always had customizable registration forms; however, getting those registration questions setup in the past required emailing me to get those questions setup.

As of today it’s possible for you, as a coach or admin, to add, edit, or change the questions your club requires parents/wrestlers to fill out, when they register for each season.

Question types include address, email, date, phone number, text, drop down, checkbox (multi select), yes/no (with optional additional info), and photo questions.

preview of registration question builder
Calendar New Features Release Notes

Subscribe to your wrestling team’s calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar and more

It is now possible to sync your team’s WrestlingIQ calendar with your existing calendar, regardless of what calendaring app you use personally.

Full details on how you can set this up can be found here.

iOS New Features Release Notes

The WrestlingIQ iOS app is ready for beta (coaches only)

Hello everyone! Just a quick note that the WrestlingIQ iOS app is ready for beta testing.

The requirements for becoming a beta tester are:

  • Must have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 12 or later.
  • You must be a coach of a team using WrestlingIQ. Sorry parents and wrestlers, you are up next!
  • I cannot guarantee that the app is stable or 100% complete, hence the beta. It may have unexpected issues or not perform well. If it sounds fun to give feedback and bang around on the app to proactively find issues you will be great as a beta tester!

By far the most exciting part of the iOS app is the ability to record stats and video at the same time, similar to other wrestling software on the market. That feature is available offline so that you can record in any environment, then upload your videos later when back on WiFi.

If you are a coach interested in testing out the app, please send me an email so I can invite you to download the beta app through Apple’s TestFlight service.

Attendance Release Notes Reports

Roster management for wrestling teams now available

As of a few minutes ago, it is now possible to create and manage multiple rosters in your WrestlingIQ account.

Jump to you Roster -> Wrestlers and you’ll see a brand new drop down at the top. Use that to filter your roster page to specific rosters or click ‘Add new roster…’ to create a new one.

The roster creation and editing screen is fairly simple. Select all the wrestlers on the roster then tap ‘Save’ at the bottom.

Filtering by rosters with attendance tracking

One of the major benefits of having rosters is to make attendance tracking easier. Maybe you all go to the same practice, but you have coaches who take roster for their respective teams. Before you had to scroll through everyone on the roster to take attendance, now you can select your roster at the top, and the attendance list will shrink to only those wrestlers.

The practice attendance report and the roster report have both been updated to allow you to filter the data down to individual rosters as well.

Hope everyone had a delicious and happy Thanksgiving!


Why I use and recommend Fathom Analytics

This post contains affiliate links for Fathom Analytics.

Analytics is a tricky thing. “Being data driven” has become an accepted axiom in product development, marketing, and beyond. Apply the scientific method, read the data, and get results with this formula rather than relying on judgement.

It’s easy to see why this is such a seductive strategy. Dollars up, human errors down. Hell, in a previous life I was the software engineer tasked with running A/B and multivariate tests to lift free trial conversions for a major website builder. We did get single digit percentage growth, but we never got big wins (due to the nature of local maximums) and I left that experience with a flawed understanding of what it means to rely on data.

The dirty secret to being data driven is to realize that analytics data is only useful as a way to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

It does not gift you with the ability to empathize with your customers.

It does not give you with the power to be a good product manager, small business owner, startup founder, or software engineer.

Too often we introverts lean on our analytics data as a way to stay in our comfort zone. We sift through the data, hoping to find some insight in our funnel or a golden nugget that will reveal that our best customers use iOS 13 on iPad Minis from their tethered phone connection while waiting for the commuter rail in the morning and if only we could serve them a little better we will finally be swimming in that warm cuddly dollar.

My experience has shown me that picking up the phone or sitting down with real people, who really use my software, provide me with 10x the insight compared to being ‘data driven’ by looking at my funnel every week.

Take for example a question I was wondering last year about content marketing in the context of my own software product, WrestlingIQ. I know that coaches who have been around the community for a while hang out a lot in old school forums, but where do new wrestling coaches hang out?

From chatting and interviewing coaches I know that there are a lot of things that keep them up at night. Team finances and scheduling are a big one for all coaches, and imposter syndrome is a big one for new coaches. This is especially acute if the coach hasn’t wrestled in a while or feels shaky about their own technique. Couple that with the fact that I’d just finished up a practice plan builder and I decided to build a long form article.

And now we get to the good stuff…. here is the Fathom Analytics dashboard for this blog:

The blog is not highly trafficked, but you can see pretty clearly that this long form article has done better than any other article I’ve put out there, with the majority of the visits coming from Google. In my mind, this is probably an indication that I can continue doing that, if I believe that those visitors turn into paying customers at a good rate (a topic for another time).

With Google analytics you need to wade through a bunch of screens and are presented with data that is mostly useless. It’s hard for our brains to apply rigor around why the data that is being shown is important. We simply think “oh, the computer is telling me this number, surely it must be important”. Most analytics products sell you the kitchen sink, telling you that it’s all valuable.

On the other hand, Fathom Analytics has done a great job collecting and displaying the right level of data so that I’m left with room to think for myself.

I care a lot about their stance on privacy and ethical tracking too, but it’s not the main reason I love Fathom. This is a small, sharp tool that you can wield effectively without getting bogged down.

To me, that’s worth paying for.

Messaging New Features Release Notes

Messaging email magic and a parent deactivation

I managed to put my head down and add two minor features again today. Minor, but probably useful as you jump into this new season!

Replying to emails now magically replies to the message in WrestlingIQ

Before today, if you received an email from WrestlingIQ notifying you of a new message, you had to open WrestlingIQ to reply to that message. WrestlingIQ now allows you to reply to any ‘new message’ email and it will magically show up in the messaging thread.

Replying directly to an email…
… puts that reply directly into the group!

Note: If you are replying to an email from a group you do not have permission to send messages to, the reply will create a new direct message between you and whoever originally sent the message (in most cases a coach or admin).

I recommend that you login to the WrestlingIQ website on your phone (it works great in mobile browsers!), but I hope the above will be helpful to ensure all the messages get scooped up into one place.

Parent deactivation

With a new high school season upon us, a little cleanup is probably necessary. As a coach or admin, if you click on a parent you will see a deactivation link in the top left:

Clicking that will remove the parent from all messaging groups (although it will not delete old messages sent by that parent in the group, or any direct messages). The parent will now be locked out of WrestlingIQ for your team.

Messaging New Features Release Notes

Messaging updates & a sneak peak

A few minor updates and a little sneak preview into the upcoming WrestlingIQ iOS app!

Messaging Updates

Email Notifications Changed

As of today email notifications for new messages have a new layout. Instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the new message, the latest message will appear right at the top of the email, with older messages further down.

Lots of people brought this to my attention as a less than ideal experience – apologies for that and do let me know if the new format is better.

Expanded Messaging Box

When typing a message into WrestlingIQ that’s longer than a couple sentences, it can be quite hard to read what you’ve typed in. There is now a little button in the bottom right corner of the messaging box that let’s you expand the textarea.

Message Archiving

If you are a coach or an admin, on the top right hand corner of the chat view is now a little … menu that exposes a drop down allowing you to take a few actions.

Don’t worry, it will prompt you first to confirm deletion after you click this button.

Added today is the ability to archive all messages in a group, which will be useful for those of you hoping to do some cleanup before this season really gets under way.

Text Message Notifications

A friendly reminder that text message notifications are available for all parents, wrestlers, and coaches who want that, in addition to email notifications. If you want to set notifications for yourself please go to your notification settings and add your phone number.

iOS Sneak Peak

I have been working hard on bringing WrestlingIQ to iOS with a particular emphasis on being able to record stats and video on any iOS device running iOS12 and later. I don’t have a firm release date yet, but here are a few sneak peaks of my work in progress (please excuse the view of my desk… pretend it’s your local wrestling tournament 😂)