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What's new with WrestlingIQ? (Oct/Nov 2022)

iOS App Updates

ID Cards and Messaging directly on Wrestler Profiles

WIQ ID Cards now easy to access in the iOS Application

Previously it was a bit of a hassle for wrestlers to dig out old emails or find a saved screenshot of their WIQ ID for check-in. Now they are able to save time & access their ID directly from the iOS app. This encourages better wrestler & parent use of the iOS application for messaging, calendar, and kiosk check in.

Easily message directly from a wrestler’s profile on the iOS app

Just open your WIQ app, go to Roster, search and select the wrestler’s profile and click Message at the top. This will prompt you to choose who you want to message; Wrestler, Wrestler and Parents, or Only Parents.

Messaging shortcuts in the iOS app

iOS Video Improvements

Timestamped scoring exchanges now offer a huge competitive advantage within match review

WIQ now offers a timestamp so you can jump to the moment of a scoring event when you record video directly with the iOS application. This saves you from fast forwarding by allowing you to quickly jump to and review that scoring event. You now have the ability to more efficiently review athletes matches and add feedback on their profile. Find out how to leave feedback with a timestamp here.

Review matches in realtime on the iOS app

While filming matches at a competition with the iOS app you are able to review a match video on the device you recorded it on without needing to upload it to the cloud via Wifi. Previously you had to wait for Wifi access to be able to review the match. This improvement will help you review matches while at events to discuss adjustments or highlight successes with coaches and wrestlers.

Tapping to seek to exact scoring time in the match



Reporting Improvements

New Report in Financial Reporting

You will find a new report in the ‘Registration Financial Summary Report.’ It provides detailed reporting that includes registrations for full seasons, one time events and shows gross revenue, allocation of scholarships with gross total and demonstrates your net minus scholarships.

For non-profit clubs, this reporting will help you demonstrate your impact to donors by creating transparency in the total cost of scholarships you offer, which gives your donors financial incentives to fund the full costs of those scholarships.

For private clubs this report can be used to demonstrate the number of scholarships you give to to wrestlers for registration for full seasons or one time events like camps. This will help you demonstrate your programs impact and gives you the option to raise money to support these scholarships through fundraisers and donations.

Financial report screenshot

Last Practice Attended Report & Invite Reports

Attendance tracking is now improved which could help you increase retention and keep your wrestlers in practice

Retention is the number one driver of any successful program. Both for for-profit or non-profit clubs, attendance reporting is critical to the tracking of your students progress. This report makes it easy to see your students who are at risk of cancelling or falling through the cracks and have a personal conversation or connect before they cancel.

Invite status reporting makes it easier to get your wrestlers and parents on the App

You have always been able to use the invite feature to invite wrestlers or parents to create an account via email. Now you are able to easily see who has accepted their invite and created their account. You also have the ability to resend invites directly in the reporting feature, making it even easier to make sure your team is all on and using WrestlingIQ.

Quickly view and resend invites


Let us know what you need to grow:

We are looking at ways we can better support the growth of wrestling via webinars, trainings, office hours and courses and want to know what you need

We want to help you grow your academy, club, or school based program and are in the process of building out additional educational support on best practices for WIQ users. So we can create content that actually helps you, please take this 90 second survey let us know what you need.

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Need a hand?

I know that one of the difficulties with switching software systems is how daunting it can seem to get everything set up. It won’t be effortless, but with an investment of 30 to 60 minutes, you can have your team setup and ready to go for your upcoming season saving you hours per week down the line.

Want me to double check your configuration or walk through set up with you? I am happy to do so and you can snag a time slot here.

Thank you

As we head into the holiday season, I am so thankful for all of you—coaches, volunteers, admins, and operators—who invest their time and effort to make an impact on the young wrestlers of today.

I hope you get some time to relax this holiday season, spend time with family, and hopefully bake a lot of holiday treats. Last week we made a pumpkin roll and this week I’m all in on cinnamon rolls being the new holiday tradition.