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Save time by creating an accessible schedule for your wrestling team

Keeping everyone up to date with the team schedule can be a tedious and time consuming task. A parents asks you at practice, then another parent texts you, then a kid calls you, and then finally someone says they didn't get the message about when the tournament is supposed to start. Sound familiar?

The wrestling teams we've seen effectively reduce time spent on scheduling questions do two things:

  1. They create a single source of truth for their schedule that everyone—parents, wrestlers, fans—can see.
  2. They create a culture of checking the schedule by relentlessly referring anyone who asks a question to the team schedule.

Creating a shared team calendar

We're going to be using WrestlingIQ's team calendar in this blog post, but we've also seen teams do this with a shared google calendar, website, etc. Here's what events you should include on your team calendar:

  • Practices
  • Tournaments
  • Dual meets
  • Other events (banquets, camps, clinics, study sessions, etc)

When actually creating events on the calendar make sure you include all of this info to cut down on questions:

  • Start and end time.
  • Address + Link to Google Maps directions.
  • What rosters / age groups / teams should be attending each specific event.
  • If you are a club team, include a registration link to sign up for the team on each of your practices.
  • Include a quick note about how to navigate to the wrestling room and call out anything in particular they need to bring. 
  • Color coordinate. This could be by event type or it could be by roster / age group. 


Here's an example of a team calendar in WrestlingIQ that does this well. This is the public view of the team calendar, but this calendar is also available to all parents/wrestlers on the team when signed into WrestlingIQ or via the WrestlingIQ mobile apps. 

Notice how the events are color coordinated by age group / levels. Light blue = Level 1, Yellow = Level 2, Green = Open Private Lesson slot, dark blue = Level 4, etc.

Screenshot of a WrestlingIQ public team calendarOn each event, there are details that will answer a ton of parent questions:

Details to include on a calendar event.

Within WrestlingIQ, here is what creating/updating an event looks like. Notice that the roster and session fields are linked to things you've already created in WrestlingIQ, allowing you to leverage the time spent creating rosters + registrations instead of typing it in each time. The notes and location field allow for links, and some formatting, to give you full control of your calendar event display.

Updating an event in WrestlingIQ's calendar

Want to learn more?

Learn more about WrestlingIQ's team calendar functionality, including team notifications when an event is changed, syncing the team calendar to personal calendars, and more.