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WrestlingIQ now offers notes on wrestler records for your CRM needs

Throughout 2023, we will be continuing to invest in extending WrestlingIQ's CRM functionality. The first new feature was released yesterday and is available to every team using WrestlingIQ. 


Note example

Not mention example

We've heard from you about numerous situations where adding a quick note—internal to coaches only, but shared across the coaching staff—could be beneficial to you. For example:

  • After a private lesson, jotting down a quick note so you know where to pick up next week and what to follow up on. 
  • Noting down which piece of equipment a wrestler has checked out. 
  • Sending over a quick note to another coach, asking if they know why someone wasn't at practice today. (Yes, WrestlingIQ does offer @mention capabilities for notifying other coaches.) 
  • Making sure your coaching staff has shared context, so that you can continue to make a personal impact on each wrestler on your team. 
  • Plus, anything else you would find helpful to store on a wrestler's record in WrestlingIQ, including attachments!

Let us know how you end up using WrestlingIQ—we'd love to help share knowledge and best practices to help boost wrestling across the country. 

If you aren't using WrestlingIQ yet, head on over the homepage to take a look at what we offer or contact us if you have specific questions.