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Introducing Roster Tags in WrestlingIQ

One of the common pieces of feedback from wrestling teams—club teams in particular—is that it's hard to tell who is signed up and/or paid for a specific season, camp, recurring subscription or other event. We get questions like this all the time:

- How do I know if someone is a member when I am taking attendance?

- Can I add a 'green dot' next to someone's name if they have paid for season x, y, or z?

- How can I tell, at a glance, how many camps a wrestler has signed up for in the past?

We also have several non-profit customers who are focused on sports based youth development analytics (shout to Beat the Streets Chicago and Beat the Streets Cleveland). In particular, organizations focused on development often reward participation in specific programs and encourage wrestlesr to get more involved. E.g. if you sign up for 2 camps and 1 season you are a 'Gold wrestler' and if you also attend a career coaching seminar you become a 'High impact wrestler'. 

As of a few weeks ago, we've introduced roster tagging to help with these issues. We can't wait to see what you do with this feature—it's available to any team currently using WrestlingIQ. Additional help documentation can be found here

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