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What's new with WrestlingIQ? (Jan to May 2024)

According to our tracking tool, we released 40 features and fixed 18 issues in the WrestlingIQ product in the first five months of 2024.

Product updates

We've got several big updates—online stores and insurance—along with smaller product tweaks to continue to sharpen WrestlingIQ's functionality. Tap to skip to anything that sounds interesting to you.

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Jeff Marsh walks you through how camps can drive 30-40% of your annual revenue, how to run them effectively, insuring a camp, and the profitability of different types of camps.


An online store for your team

Watch the video to learn more about how you can create an internal product library, setup online stores, and sell products at registration time. Here are a few ideas of how to use this:

  • Team gear sales
  • Participant entry for tournaments
  • Books, stickers, and other merchandise you have for sale
  • Offering a 'gear package' during your seasonal registration so people can order their gear when they register for the season.

Registration Cancellation Insurance + Gap Medical Insurance

When you create your next season or camp, you will be able to offer insurance to your customers. This is NOT liability insurance for the club (you still have to handle that); however, these optional insurance offers help protect your club revenue from refunds and can give people peace of mind. You can read more about insurance here.


New registration type for trials

Do you offer a free or paid trial at your club? The new 'trial' type registration is custom built for you. Read or watch more about effectively using that here, including how to ensure automated emails get sent when someone's trial is over.

Team branding

On your team settings page you can now upload your team logo and add a brand color. For now the logo and brand color are used on your online stores (more on that below), on your team registration page, in email notifications, and on notifications in the Android app. 

Save debit/credit cards for fast checkout

When someone registers for something they can now check a box to keep their card information on file for quick re-use. So far 68% of people keep their card on file, helping cut down on registration time the next time they sign up for a camp, season, drop-in, or recurring subscription at your club.

Redesigned registrants page for admins

Tap 'View Registrants' from Payments -> Registrants to see the new and improved design.

Subscription summary page updates

We've made it easier to see the subscription actions when viewing a subscription, such as applying a discount, pausing payments, or cancelling the recurring subscription.

Roster updates on the wrestler record

You can now edit rosters directly on the wrestler record itself. Tap the pencil icon near the rosters area to edit the rosters just for that wrestler.

Team donation page now collects additional information

Address and phone number are now being collected, so you can followup properly with your donors.

Improved notifications

We have migrated to a new push notification provider for users on iOS app version 1.5.2 and Android app version 1.4.0 and above. 

Android users will now see the team logo and brand color as part of the notification. In addition, we implemented messaging style notifications, which mean that multiple messages to the same group will roll up into the same notification, allowing you to quickly expand them without opening the app.

Android notification categories are now available on newer Android Phones, so you can fine tune which notifications you want to receive. We've fixed an issue that was causing taps on notifications to not open the app.

On the iOS side of things, images are now shown in the push notification, we've improved how notifications are grouped, and which notifications are marked as time sensitive (which is only calendar changes right now) so you can get time sensitive updates when you need them. We expect to make further updates to iOS notifications this year to embrace what Apple calls communication notifications. 

Thank you and happy summer

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to summer, folkstyle season will be here before you know it so soak up that sun while you can!